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Our Wedding Reception and Party Band is the top booking party band in all of the East Coast. Bar None, people line up around the block to hear, see, and book this band. Our repertoire ranges from our Rat Pack specialties with a Sinatra sound-a-like to the most current dance music on the charts NOW, this lively and totally fun group encompasses the biggest hits from 1940 till today and masters each style perfectly sounding in some cases even better than the originals!

The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Party Band for weddings and events in Long Island New York has more bookings than any other band that we know of on the entire East Coast! That makes them pretty hard to get for your event so call us immediately to check date availability! For corporate events we also can write original comedy or songs. For weddings we can write original love tunes for the couples first or last dance or both! Just ASK! Call for your private one-on-one meeting with the band manager Iris Gillon (NYC's top event planner and music producer!) of IGMC. (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations)

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Mark from Respekt Band by IGMC

MARK: Guitarist "extraordinaire", vocalist and co-founding member of The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band. Mark studied guitar with jazz legends Pat Martino and Chuck Wayne. He conducted The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band when they played at New York's Yankee Stadium for the World Series Game and at a party honoring the great astronaut John Glenn with Mayor Giuliani in attendance at the New York Museum of Natural History. He has opened for several notable groups over the years and his many public appearances have included the retirement parties for world renown conductors Zubin Meta (at Lincoln Center) and Leonard Bernstein (at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel).

COOKIE: Lead vocalist and co-founding member of The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band. Cookie has toured the U.S. with actor/comedian Andrew Dice Clay. Her vocals are well-known throughout the Metropolitan area and was featured with The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band in People Magazine. Her Cher and Tina Turner impersonations are extremely accurate and her stylings range in versatility from country music to soul, disco, rock, motown, jazz, standards and current top-40 dance hits, this phenomena can sing literally ANYTHING you put in front of her! Cookie is famous for bringing a light into a room, bringing smiles, happiness and warmth where-ever she goes. Her smile is contageous and her joy spreads into a room the moment she steps foot into it. She is not only a great vocalist with extraoridnary skill and range but an amazing woman able to turn a big 500 person seated conservatives into jumping kangaroos having the time of their life with just the turn of her head!

Cookie from Respekt Band by IGMC
Jennifer from Respekt Band by IGMC

JENNIFER: Lead vocalist. Jennifer has an excellent vocal range covering Celine Dion's style, as well as, great renditions of country artists, such as, Faith Hill, Leanne Rimes and the ever-popular Shania Twain. She also sings ceremonial music at Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions in both Latin and Italian, such as, "Ave Maria". Her operatic vocal training gives Jennifer an incredible range and her soft and smooth renderings of Barbara Streissand to the most raucus Rock music or Dance music is really quite amazing to experience. Jennifer is a stunning musical performer and she helps to make every party reach incredible heights as she and her best friend Cookie (see above) partner up to make every single Long Island New York Wedding Reception or party that they do, a night to remember!

LEWIS: Lead vocalist. Lewis is known for his fantastic Barry White, Shaggy and Michael McDonald, impersonations, as well as his amazing Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin vocals with both precision and ease. His repertoire also includes many of the band's ethnic material in both Italian and Spanish. The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band recently featured Lewis singing the lead for main theme song and many other selections used in the MTV smash hit show of all time, THE OSBOURNES. Lewis was just recently featured in Newsday. Lewis has one of the widest vocal and repertoire ranges of any male vocalist in the country able to hip hop and rap right after singing a Sinatra song better than Frank himself. Guests at parties are known to walk up to his microphone and try to see if it is really him singing his renditions are so very close to the original. Lewis teams up with Cookie and Jennifer and with Mark's vocals on guitar and Mickie's vocals on drums, to make the most thrilling five part harmonies ever heard in a local party band. Listen for yourself on our video demos page. No New York Wedding bands or orchestras can compete with the vocal range of this band

Lewis from Respekt Band by IGMC
Mick from Respekt Band by IGMC

MICK: Lead vocalist, drummer and co-founding member of The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band. Mick has toured through 46 states of the U.S. as a percussionist and vocalist. He has played drums on several jazz CD's and has performed music on national TV commercials for both KFC and Xerox. Mick's vocal styles include amazing impersonations of Barry Gibb, Michael Jackson and "boy bands", such as, 98 Degrees and N-Sync. Mick's range includes an incredibly high falsetto and country music styles. Mick has also sung lead and all backing vocals on "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" which was recently featured on THE OSBOURNES hit show on MTV. Mickie sings at the same time as he plays his drums and has a huge range of vocal styles that he can totally nail. Filling out the harmonies and also singing many solo songs, Mickie helps to make this band one of the most eclectic and flexible wedding and receptions party band on the East Coast.

JAMES: Keyboards, synths, background vocals. Berklee College of Music grad, James has been a professional pianist, guitarist, singer and musical director for over fifteen years. James has performed music and toured with such diverse artists as Sting, Sam Moore, Ne-Yo, Travis Tritt, Bekka Bramlett, Richard Street, the Temptations, Maxine Nightingale, and a previous tour with ex-Savage Garden frontman, Darren Hayes, in concert and for television and radio audiences around the world. A native of Boston, James now lives in New York City where he writes, records and performs his own music, as well as produces and records music for other artists. James recently performed with recording artist Ne-Yo on The Late Show With David Letterman. James has his own jazz CD of piano playing music. We can hardly wait to show you how amazing your cocktail hours can be with his expertise. Not mentioned above is the fact that James is also a powerful vocalist in his own right and sings many deep and rich harmonies with The Respekt Wedding Receptions and Events Band and helps to take this New York Wedding band to even higher levels than ever!

Sanford from Respekt Band by IGMC

SANFORD: Tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, Akai SynthSax, EWI and background vocals. Sanford has performed music and recorded with musical artists: Wayne Shorter, Omar Hakim, Stanley Clarke, the Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw Orchestras and others including a Japan Tour with Miki Asakura and Katsu Tanaka. Sanford covers a variety of styles from classical to rock and is strongly influenced by jazz legends John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Phil Woods, Cannonball Adderly, David Sanborn and Michael Brecker. Not only is Sanford a serious musician able to play any saxophone music put before him but he is a musician that can have fun, walk onto the dance floor (when invited) with a chordless mic and dance and play with the guests and help to create a memorable night of fun, able to dance and play and never miss a beat or a note all at the same time! Great fun for weddings in Long Island.

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